Evans Scholarship (All You Should Know)

Evans Scholarship
Evans Scholarship

The Evans Scholarship is a prestigious and life-changing educational program designed to provide deserving caddies with the opportunity to pursue a college education.

Established in 1930 by Charles “Chick” Evans Jr., an accomplished amateur golfer, the scholarship aims to honor his passion for golf and commitment to education.

Over the years, the Evans Scholarship has transformed the lives of thousands of young individuals, fostering academic excellence and personal growth.


Rooted in the spirit of giving back, the Evans Scholarship is supported by the Western Golf Association (WGA) and its affiliated partner, the Evans Scholars Foundation.


This unique initiative has become a symbol of hope, enabling academically inclined caddies from limited financial backgrounds to access higher education at some of the nation’s leading universities.

Each year, the Evans Scholarship selects candidates based on not only their golfing prowess but also their dedication, leadership, and commitment to community service.

This holistic approach ensures that recipients embody the core values of the scholarship program, becoming not just accomplished scholars, but also responsible and engaged citizens.


In this article, we will delve into the eligibility requirements, application process and benefits of the Evans Scholarship.

Whether you are a prospective Evans Scholarship applicant, a supporter of the program’s mission, or simply curious about this remarkable initiative, join us on this journey to discover how the Evans Scholarship continues to transform dreams into realities, one caddie at a time.

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Eligibility Requirements for the Evans Scholarship

To be eligible for the Evans Scholarship, candidates must meet specific criteria: they must have a strong caddie record, demonstrating consistent service and a commitment to golf; they should be high school seniors, with a minimum GPA requirement; they must demonstrate financial need; and they need to display exemplary character, leadership, and community involvement.

Additionally, candidates should plan to attend one of the participating universities with an Evans Scholarship house.

The selection process considers both academic achievements and personal attributes, ensuring that recipients embody the values of the scholarship.

These stringent eligibility requirements ensure that the Evans Scholarship supports deserving individuals with a passion for education and golf.

How to Apply for the Evans Scholarship

Applying for the Evans Scholarship is a comprehensive process that requires careful preparation and attention to detail.

Prospective candidates must follow the below steps to complete their application successfully:

  • Research Eligibility: Before applying, ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements, including a strong caddie record, minimum GPA, financial need, and intent to attend a participating university.
  • Obtain a Nomination: Secure a caddie nomination from your golf club or course, attesting to your service and dedication as a caddie.
  • Gather Supporting Documents: Assemble essential documents, such as academic transcripts, standardized test scores (SAT, ACT), letters of recommendation, and a detailed resume highlighting extracurricular activities and community involvement.
  • Complete the Application: Access the Evans Scholarship Foundation’s online application portal and meticulously fill in the required information. Pay close attention to essay questions, showcasing your passion for golf, commitment to education, and personal growth.
  • Submit Financial Information: Provide comprehensive financial data to demonstrate your need for financial assistance.
  • Participate in Interviews: Shortlisted candidates may be invited to participate in interviews conducted by Evans Scholars alumni or selection committees.
  • Await Decision: After the application deadline, the selection process begins. Successful candidates will receive notification of their award status.
  • Acceptance and University Placement: If selected, you will receive an offer of the Evans Scholarship. Upon acceptance, the Evans Scholars Foundation will work with you to ensure enrollment at one of the participating universities with an Evans Scholarship house.


The application process for the Evans Scholarship demands dedication and authenticity, emphasizing both academic and personal achievements.

It is a highly competitive endeavor, but for those who meet the requirements and embody the spirit of the scholarship, it presents an invaluable opportunity to pursue higher education and join the distinguished community of Evans Scholars.

Impact and Benefits of the Evans Scholarship

The impact of the Evans Scholarship extends far beyond financial assistance, profoundly transforming the lives of its recipients.

By providing deserving caddies with the means to access higher education, the scholarship empowers individuals from limited financial backgrounds to pursue their academic aspirations and achieve their full potential.

Evans Scholars become part of a tight-knit community, fostering lifelong connections and support networks with fellow scholars and alumni.

The program’s emphasis on character, leadership, and community involvement cultivates well-rounded individuals who excel not only in their academic pursuits but also in their personal and professional lives.

Evans Scholars often go on to become leaders in various fields, contributing positively to society.

Moreover, the Evans Scholarship Foundation offers ongoing mentorship, career support, and networking opportunities, bolstering scholars’ future prospects.

By nurturing academic excellence and instilling a sense of responsibility, the Evans Scholarship not only creates successful graduates but also shapes compassionate, driven, and socially conscious citizens who give back to their communities.

Ultimately, the Evans Scholarship program leaves an indelible mark on its recipients, empowering them to achieve their dreams and make a meaningful impact in the world.

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The Evans Scholarship stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity, providing deserving caddies with the chance to pursue higher education and transform their lives.

Founded on the principles of golf, education, and giving back, this prestigious program has empowered countless individuals, instilling in them the values of academic excellence, leadership, and community service.

Through its rigorous selection process, the Evans Scholarship identifies individuals who not only demonstrate financial need but also possess the drive and dedication to succeed.

As recipients of this life-changing scholarship, they become part of a close-knit community, supported by mentors and fellow scholars, as they embark on their academic journey and beyond.

The Evans Scholarship leaves an enduring legacy, shaping individuals into accomplished scholars and compassionate contributors to society.








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